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Vessel Details

Stock Number: 36991
Vessel Type: Powerboat - Motoryacht
Year: 2011
Make: Sunseeker
Model: Manhattan 63
Length: 63'
Beam Length: 16'10"
Cruising Speed: 23 knots
Max Speed: 28 knots
Hull: Fiberglass
Status: Available
State: Florida
Location: National Liquidators - Fort Lauderdale
Contact Phone: (954) 791-9601
General Condition:


Marshal's Sale Location: 12 Noon, at U.S. Federal Courthouse, 299 E. Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (outside the main lobby near the steps on the First Floor). Click on "Notice of Sale.pdf" link under Documents below.

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Open House location: National Liquidators, 2965 W State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Viewing and engine runs will be available during the Open House. Call 954-791-9601 with questions or more information.


Vessel Options: Please see Listing Info PDF

Click on "Listing Info.pdf" link under Documents above.

Manufacturer's Description: The Manhattan 63 is a perfect example of a boat that packs innovation, luxury and performance into an exceptionally graceful frame. The hull form has been designed to take a more traditional shaft option but now includes the option of IPS drives - the latter produces fantastic results in performance, handling and economy. Interior options offer upper deck or lower deck galley, three or four staterooms with a midships full-beam master and very large hull-side windows. Saloon and entertainment space has been increased and enlarged and panoramic superstructure windows ensure a feeling of openness.
Has a Trailer?: No
Has an Engine?: Yes
Engine Make: Caterpillar
Engine Model: C18-1150
Engine Type: Inboard
Fuel Capacity: 925
Fuel Type: Diesel
Engine Year: 2011
Has a Generator?: Yes
Generator Make: Kohler
Generator Model: 20EFOZD
Generator Year: 2011
Generator Hours: 838
Contact Email:

DISCLAIMER: National, its agents and brokers, offer the details and descriptions of the vessels in good faith but do not guarantee, warrant or represent the accuracy of the information or guarantee, warrant or represent the description or condition of the vessels. A buyer should verify the description and condition of any vessel through an inspection by a qualified surveyor and/or mechanic. The vessels are offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER FOR THE SALE OF THE VESSELS BUT AN INVITATION TO MAKE AN OFFER TO BUY SUBJECT TO ALL OF NATIONAL'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS. National makes no guarantees, representations or warranties as to title and the ability to document or register the vessel. National is acting as a broker only and all issues as to title, documentation and registration are between the buyer and seller.

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